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Get ready to celebrate Hari Raya with our these special packets created by the students and educators of Bucket House Preschool. The graceful swirls of batik and the symbolic motifs adorned the Malay heritage and culture. Each stroke, exclusively designed by the children, brings the elegance and exquisite display of patterns and design into the legacy of Malay artistry. These beautifully crafted packets are not only a delightful addition to your celebrations, but also support a meaningful cause. 100% of the profits will be donated to Global Ehsan Relief, helping to bring joy and assistance to those in need.  Every purchase helps make a difference. 

Kain Batik (Batik fabric motifs)

  • Free Standard Shipping.

    Strictly no exchange, return or refund. 

    • Pack of 5. 
    • Dimension: 16.8cm x 8.8cm (fits up to $100 note)
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