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A quick summary to get you started

Admission is open all year round depending on availability, with full day enrolments prioritised. To gain better understanding of our approach to teaching and learning, we invite all potential families to explore on our school, social media on Facebook and Instagram as well as reach out to us for a school tour. This allows us to connect better to facilitate diligent consideration and understanding of mutual understanding. 


Enrolment offers are on a first come first served basis. Once a placement has been offered, applicants will be given five days to accept the offer and complete the application, including admission fees for new students upon registration.


All fees and charges are presented in Singapore Dollars, inclusive of 8% government service tax. 

Intake Ages

The minimum entry requirement is 18 months old. Children who have yet to meet the minimum entry age but who will be turning 18 months old on the month of admission will be eligible to enrol from the first day of the same month.

Admission Fee for New Students

The registration fee and refundable deposit are one-time payments and enrolments are confirmed only after the first time payment of the admission fees for new student has been processed. 

Included in the registration fee are 2 sets of morning attire, 2 sets of afternoon attire, mattress, mattress cover and insurance for the child throughout the school years with us.

Monthly Programme Fees

Other Possible Costs

  • Enrichment programmes (optional). For the latest list of optional programmes available, please contact the school directly.

  • Field trips: conducted termly (optional)

  • Readers: for reading programme from Nursery 1 to Kindergarten 2

Discount and Subsidies

Sibling Discount

For families with more than one student attending Bucket House, sibling discounts apply. The school offers 10% sibling discount on school fees for the older child(ren).

Government Subsidies

For local students, you'll be entitled to the following government subsidies. 

  • Singaporean child with working mother (working more than 56 hours per month) is entitled to $300 basic subsidy.

  • Singaporean child with non-working mother is entitled to $150 basic subsidy.

  • On top of basic subsidy, parent of gross household income less than $12,000 or per capita income (PCI) less than $3,000 will be eligible for additional subsidy. PCI assessment is only eligible for household with 5 or more family members including more than 3 dependents.

Terms and Conditions

Upon application, parent is required to pay a one-time non-refundable registration fee of SGD642.60 and deposit of SGD1200 (equivalent to one month’s school fee). The deposit shall be refunded in full after deducting any outstanding amount due to the school and by providing one (1) calendar month of written notice before the date of withdrawal. In the event of insufficient notice, deposit shall be forfeited.

Monthly school fees and other school related fees must be paid in full before the 5th of every month regardless of the child’s attendance. In order to be eligible for ECDA government subsidy, the child must attend at least one day of school in a month. If the child fails to attend at least one day of attendance in a particular month, the child will not be eligible for subsidy for that month and payment of school fee will have to be in full. Any late payment of fees may incur a penalty charge.

Bucket House Preschool reserves the right to review the school fees as and when necessary, giving at least 3 months' notice.

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