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Repurposed and recycled items are collected and stored accordingly in our Mini Remida. With multiple selections of open-ended materials varying from cardboards to loose parts, it invites children to interact, transform and reinvent the possibilities of the chosen materials in endless ways. This allows them to acquire skills to manipulate, modify and gain competence. The relationship that they build while encountering the materiality supports each significant learning experience.


These resources create unique and remarkable potentials that never cease to amaze us. By providing them with a variation of collected items in the Mini Remida, children will be able to explore the spectrum of its texture, form, shape and colour during their process of construction. The transformed materials of used and recyclable items become an expression that transcends every child’s thoughts and ideas.


The Mini Remida also aims to educate children on lesser wastage and to foster environmental sustainability while offering openings and pathways by which they can continue to enter the world of knowledge.

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