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Our annual exhibition is the highlight of the school year and is a culmination of our students and educators’ year of hard work and dedication. On this day, families of Bucket House come together to witness and celebrate the students learning journey, giving recognition and respect to the voices of our students. Every year, the concepts of the exhibition varies and is presented in a form of an open gallery, comprising of all the collaboration of inquiry works that were done for the year. 



The Hundred Languages: Giving Life, was a mesmerising display of mixed-media artworks showcasing the unique expressions of children. Created by our students and educators, each piece offered a personal interpretation of the theme, revealing deep insights and creativity. From intricate paintings to inspiring sculptures, each piece resonated with the creativity unleashed by these protagonists during its creation.

Among the standout creations were architectural sculptures crafted from scratch, breathing life into concrete, and a beautiful quilt woven from unwanted fabrics, symbolising the transformative power of art. Each exhibit reflected not just artistic skill but also a profound understanding of the world and a deep connection to the theme. "The Hundred Languages: Giving Life" was more than just an exhibition; it was a testament to the extraordinary creativity and imagination of our students, showcasing their ability to turn the ordinary into something truly remarkable.



Human vs Nature: The Future Is Us took on an interdisciplinary exploration across every class and the Atelier. The inquiry drew the perspective of the world we live in, reflecting on various notions and insights of our hopes and dreams for our future. It also brought us on a diversity of experimental exchanges and collective cognitive knowledge that led to new learning encounters.


Our experiences promoted a unique approach to new subjects, bringing in a sense of wonder to support various learning approaches.


In the exhibition itself, there were multiple concepts covered through the lens of the children – a workshop that encourages tree-planting movement, multiple installations that reflected on the idea of constructing the future, as well as their experiences in encountering the present world. This showcase illustrated our perception, took in many forms of representation while engaging connections between children, educators, families and the environment.



Beyond Borders exhibited the analogue and diversity of the inquiry and its experimental possibilities, exchanges and accumulation of cognitive knowledge that leads to new learning encounters. To think out of the box, go beyond the idea of self and others, unpacking perceptions and presumptions of rights and responsibilities, cultural awareness and relationships, beyond borders encouraged border-crossing into the unknown and beyond through children’s perspective.


The journey took on a new approach to things and the world that contributed to an extensive constructive knowledge-building process, bringing in a sense of wonder to promote and support various learning contexts. Featuring multiple installations and works, the exhibition provided a rich visual experience that demonstrated the breadth and depth of the artistic practice, taking in many forms of visual representation.



World From An Introspective was Bucket House Preschool’s first annual exhibition showcase that displayed collective explorations in an open gallery setting, varying from the use of lights, installations, provocations and mediums that were carefully curated and picked to influence children’s creative and cognitive development. 


Educators, children and families worked collaboratively to unpack and discover ways to reflect and reinterpret experiences in open-ended ways with a variety of materials to support. 


Besides acquiring knowledge and making hypotheses, the inquiry cultivated the essence and rationale of the learning experiences while valuing children as competent beings as they continue to develop intrinsic curiosity towards the world around them.

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