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Bucket House Preschool is all about nurturing a curious, capable and resilient child rich with wonder and knowledge. Bucket House Preschool strongly believes in providing a supportive and enriching environment to connect parents, educator and community. This will allow children to develop holistically and reach their utmost potential throughout their preschool years. 

Students are viewed as competent learners and that they can do anything, if given the right chance, right tools and the right environment. A school which ignites the natural curiosity of students, a place that values innovation and creativity, a community that comes together to share and instill the joy of learning.

Welcome to your first glimpse of Bucket House way of learning. You are invited to explore what we offer to our students and families. This is a place of purposeful learning, a school that empowers future-ready leaders.

Welcome to Bucket House Preschool


Revolunised Learning- IEIE

The 21st century approach to teaching and learning addresses the needs of children growing up today. On top of cognitive learning such as problem solving, critical analysis, strong early literacy and numeracy, it emphasizes the need for school to focus on “soft” skills such as creative thinking and curiosity. This creates a more wholesome development and would give students a head start in learning to cope with mid to late 21st century challenges. 

Bucket House Preschool responsively creates an environment and provides experiences that encourage students to initiate, explore, inquire and experiment. Educators in Bucket House Preschool give attention to the learning process and cultivate learners to thrive and learn with purpose.

Harnessing the Power of Environment as the Third Teacher

Featuring wooden layouts and architectural structures, every area of the school is thoughtfully designed upon the emphasis of simplistic, peace and space. With floor to ceiling windows surrounded by plants in what is an inspirational and functional environment for students to think openly and creatively, it is also designed to create a sense of wonder in adult and children alike.

While the classrooms are often fun, they are also places where children are challenged to work collaboratively as creative problem solvers. The limited use of commercialised items encourages students to manipulate with real open ended materials and expand their knowledge by listening, examining and exploring the environment.


Learning Beyond Walls

A non-studious learning environment, learning is not contained within four walls. The unpredictability of nature creates endless learning opportunities for both children and adults. Children learn best in a natural setting; through experience and interactions, and with resources that are relatable to them. To connect with others cohesively and respectfully is just as crucial in the real world as academic excellence.

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