Our Teaching Approach

Overview of Curriculum

  1. Bucket House Curriculum of structured and inquiry-based teaching using the Initiate, Explore, Inquire, Experiment (IEIE) method 

  2. Early Years Development Framework (EYDF) by Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA)

  3. Nurturing Early Learners Framework (NEL) by Ministry of Education (MOE)

  4. Bilingual Immersion (Mandarin as second language)

Bucket House believes in the IEIE method by having 6 weeks of structured learning (initiate and exploring) and 4 weeks of inquiry-based learning (inquire and experiment) in a term (10 weeks)

Term Outline


Week 1 - 6

The first 6 weeks of teaching include an array of teacher-led activities infused into predetermined units. The activities vary from concrete to abstract. In these 6 weeks, our educators play an improtant role in encouraging children to inquire and share their knowledge and interests. The information will be documented by our educators for each and every child. 

Week 7 - 10 

The last 4 weeks will be designed for children to have the autonomy to work on child-led projects that are of interest to them. Our educators will be playing the role of both a learner and facilitator during these 4 weeks. Such child-led projects allow children to explore, connect and express their thoughts, feelings and imaginings with a hundred languages.

Our curriculum allows children to take ample control of their learning and express themselves freely with the use of open-ended materials such as molding clay, blocks, paint and loose parts. Without any expectations, rules, right or wrong, children are given the freedom to invent and discover learning through their own investigations. By providing our children with these materials, it stimulates their thinking skills and allows for creativity to take place. The possibilities of open-ended materials are limitless. When children interact with these materials, they engage with infinite possibilities.

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