Drop-In Session

Our drop-in session is open to all families and caregivers with young children, from 12-36 months to come and play by the hour.


We have a flexible schedule with the available drop-in slots that requires no pre-booking in advance.


You will enjoy the opportunity to connect with other parents and caregivers, to make new friends and to build community connections.


Drop-in sessions do not have a fixed date or schedule that requires you to attend continually. It is a place where your child can initiate their own play, explore and have hours of fun, where you can either join in or relax by the side while watching your child immerses in his or her own play.


To check the availability of our Drop-In schedule, click here.


Although no pre-booking is required, it is the responsibility for parents to check the available schedule for our drop-in session before visiting. 



$25 per child with one accompanying adult.

$40 per child with two accompanying adult.



We provide flexible timing for drop in at the available time slots. To ensure the safety of our children here and prevent overcrowding issues, you may stay up to a maximum of 2 hours per drop in. An in-house facilitator will be around anytime however, for the safety of your child, please ensure that at least one adult is present at all times.


We ask that all parents to abide by the rules at the play area. As this is within the preschool compound, should our facilitator observe any breach of rules, you may be asked to leave, and no compensation will be made.

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